Wondered what it’s like to own a Lappie? They’re quirky, they’re funny, and …

  • You find yourself using a full sentence to give your dog a command so they can’t exploit any loopholes – Caitlin Williams
  • People in cars shout “cute dog” out the window – Alex Skimbirauskas
  • You have no need for a doorbell as they’ll announce any arrivals – Melissa Sparrow
  • You get stopped everywhere to be told what a beautiful dog and the breed guessing game begins – Gene Stark
  • When your favourite fashion accessory is fur – Alice Maree
  • When you have to spell what type of breed it is… a Finnish what? – Tracy Benda
  • When you never have to worry about your walls falling down – Andrea Matthews
  • The rabbits in the local paddocks come out of their burrows to point and laugh at the black fuzzy dog walking past, straining at the leash, and the owner holding on for dear life – Gayle Knowles
  • When you find yourself getting questioning looks from the neighbours when you’re yelling things like “get off her, she’s your sister” or “stop eating poo” – Katie Blyth
  • You’ve fallen so hard under their spell you buy a second freezer to prep their complete, balanced nutritional meals…and you eat 2 min noodles – Kira Sergiacomi 
  • When fur is a condiment … and you’ve stopped apologising for it – Shareen Chouffot 
  • People ask you about 10 times what breed of dog you have or what it is crossed with – Nicole Wain
  • You become the #1 tourist attraction, no matter where you go and regularly plan “interruption time” into visits anywhere (Bunnings especially) – Tracy Kelly
  • Somehow they keep multiplying – Ruth McGill
  • When you stop thinking other dogs are cute or funny. And when you think about moving house to make sure you can have another – Lena Benakovic
  • When you have a grooming comb or rake within arms reach of the lounge – Karen Collis
  • When a change of seasons means you’ve got enough fluff to knit a jumper for everyone in your family – Andrea Matthews
  • When you never thought the word ‘Pomsky’ would infuriate you to the level it does  – Mel Curtis
  • When it snows in your neighbour’s yard every time you groom (PS remember to check the washing line is empty) – Brianna Page
  • When.. food disappears off the bench or table mysteriously without you noticing! Anyone else own pigs / stomachs-on-legs?!  – Shelley Quinton
  • When you find yourself telling them “you don’t see any reindeer around here, do you?” joke 17 times walking down the street, as you persuade others of their vocal necessity – Kim James
  • When you spend every day at the end of your shift lint rolling somehow a neverending amount of fur off your chair that you have somehow brought in even though you lint rolled your clothes before you entered the room – Mel Curtis
  • You have friends all over the world sharing a common passion – Simone Dillon
  • When you’re lucky to get two goes at fetch – Andrea Matthews
  • When your phone storage is always full – Magda Zaki 
  • When you’re never alone in the kitchen – Renee Wood
  • Your dog has better eyebrows than you – Ashlea Virag

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